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It all started in 1995, with a group of talented high school students and a innovative idea. Since then, the program has been featured in various newspapers, magazines and on local television programs. The work contained in the following pages is an example of the endless wealth of imagination and creativity within our young men and women. Public school education gets a lot of negative attention, but this website is a shinning example of what can be accomplished when programs such as this have the support of faculty, staff, community, and most importantly administrations. I am proud to say that TFX is the only high school program of its kind in the country. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities, and will continue to push the boundaries of what can be done at the high school level.
    Berea-Midpark High School’s Visual Effects and Design is an unique high school art program that exposes students to the skills, materials, and techniques associated with the movie and entertainment industries. Students have created work for private collectors, businesses, schools, and independent film makers. TFX (Formerly BHSFX) is the only high school listed on the Internet Movie Data Base as a special effects company. We received this distinction for our work on the award winning independent film CROPS.

Topics Covered:
Sculpture, Mold Making, Skin Fabrication, Make-Up Design/Application, Animation, Hair/Teeth/Eyes, Animatronics, Props/Set Design, Costumes, Props and Video Production.

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